Ngai Shing Development Limited is a company specialized in garment machinery manufacturing, its original name is Ngai Shing Engineering Manufactory, which was founded in 1954. Our distribution networks and service partners cover more than 40 countries over the world. The headquarters is in Hong Kong and manufacturing plant is located in Shenzhen China with a production plant of 40,000 square meters and employees of over 600.
    We devote ourselves to the research and production of garment machines and concentrate our attention on the development of garment industry. Our products are simply classified into: Cutting Room Equipment, Fusing Equipment, Shirt Assisting Equipment, Shirt Auto-sewing Equipment & Stackers, General Pressing & Ironing Equipment, Man & Lady Shirt Pressing Equipment, Trousers Ironing and Assisting Equipment, Jeans/Jacket Outlook Finishing Equipment, Industrial Laundry Equipment, Seam Fusing Equipment, Chemical Dipping & Curing Oven Equipment, Shirt Anti-wrinkle Pressing Equipment, Coat Ironing Room Equipment, Rain Coat Ironing Equipment, etc. All the above count up to over 500 items and cover nearly all facets of garment manufacturing.
    We have also got several patented designs on heating element, heat transfer system, pressing system and patent for energy saving drying tumbler. We have been trying our best to upgrade our products and make its price be competitive by continuous adoption of new machines and technologies and expansion of production scale. Especially Ngai Shing is an environmental technology service provider authorized by the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region under the program of Cleaner Production Partnership (ET registration reference: 11E0202) and we have got the certificate of “Hong Kong-Guangdong Cleaner Production Partner”, so we could provide large scale technology support and service to our customers. 
   We have been trying our best to serve the garment manufacturers and persisting in our goal as “All facets of garment machines”. For years we had been enjoying good reputation for our services to our customers. We sincerely hope that we could march on hand in hand with our customers to the future of garment manufacturing.